Health Goals: Nutrition

This page will be a list of health goals that are nutrition related.   I have already started thinking about them but am trying to get Goal #1 down first.  But, I have been eating better lately!

Goal#2: This is a 2 parter: A) No more than 1 meal a week from McDonalds and B) Start tracking all foods and exercise on Weight Watchers.   I am not going to try to meet any points goal on at this point because they have recently changed how they calculate the points.  I want to see how I currently fall in the new system and where adjustments need to be made.  (WOW that was a long one!)

  • Ate Mcdees this moring because I didn’t wake up on time and was in a big rush.  Counted all my points… WOW.  No wonder I have been gaining weight.  Tomorrow will be better, already made my lunch and have a breakfast plan. 
  • Little better next day, but lost it after I went to the grocery store to augment my lunch…BAD.  I guess I am getting this out of my system.
  • Well,  My McDonald total was 2.  Much better than normal but not my goal.   I also didn’t log my food on WW very well.  I do know that I haven’t been anywhere near my points allotment for the day.  One more week of this goal.  I am going to try to be better with my recording of points. 

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