Brown Wool Coat

I started a coat at the prodding (a good thing) of Lynn and Melody.  I decided to go with a pretty simple coat that didn’t require a linning because I am well aware of the time I have to work on projects like this.   I choose Vogue 1060.  It has dolman sleeves, no lining and is pretty simple.  It also has some nice detailing in the darts and pockets.  

I am using a brown wool I got from in a batch order.  The wool is on the thin side and I only had 3 yards.  The pattern calls for 3.5 yards so I decided to use a contrasting fabric for some of the pieces .  Below is a picture of the brown wool and the contrasting fabric.  The contrasting fabric is poly suede like fabric.  It has a very simliar stretch to the wool so I decided to give it a shot.  

The cream fabric also has this detail on the edge.  I haven’t figured out how to incorporate this detail or even if I want to at this point.  Perhaps on the pocket or maybe around the hem.    

—- I am posting this because I am having trouble getting back to finish it… Hope to post pics of the current state of teh coat soon.

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2 Responses to Brown Wool Coat

  1. Lynn says:

    It’s good to see you’re in the sewing room. =) I recently bought this pattern and plan to make it over the summer for fall. I am really starting to like SB patterns having had success with a muslin of one of her denim jackets. I’ll be looking out for pictures of your finished coat!

  2. Nicole says:

    I have the coat about 75% done, I need to take more pictures! I am probably going to finish it at sewing on April 2. Hope to see you then!

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