Well,  That was a crappy period of blogging.  I have been doing a significant amount of field work in the last 4 weeks or so.  That included a trip to a neighboring state for a weekend job (not a very common request) and several weeks of working in the crappy snow.    I don’t really mind the field work that much,  it is the weather that makes everything so much more difficult.  I have to go back out tomorrow to see if I can complete some sampling that became impossible last week when all the snow melted… Of course it snowed 11 inches earlier this week so I am sure that everything is frozen again making the job soo much fun!!

But anyway,  eating and exercising have been going really poorly.  Working out in the cold is very draining and comfort foods sound and taste good.  Exercising after these cold days out in the snow is very difficult, I can barely keep my eyes open most nights.   I hope I will be done for a little while but I am not holding my breath, meanwhile I am going to try and be better at the eating thing, maybe I will have more energy to exercise then.

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