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I enjoy reading other people’s blogs.  The best, in my opinion, entertain, are a glimpse into someone elses life and educate (although not always in every post 😉 ).   I think the initial  point of my blog is to document my plans to get healthier.  I have limited time to sew and crochet projects are only so exciting to document (also I need to learn to take many more pictures or else it will be BORING!).  I tend to think the initial subject of this blog will be pretty boring for most.  Maybe some of my friends will pop in and take a look but I don’t expect to attract other folks (that blogs must be entertaining thing..  oh well).  I guess this is more of an attempt at journaling, something I have always tried to do but was never very successful.  Maybe this will be the ticket. 

On another note, Goal #1 (See Health Goals: Exercise Page)  I am on track!  worked out again tonight and am feeling a bit stronger every day.  Goal 2 is on track also but it is early.

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3 Responses to Blog Thoughts

  1. Heather says:

    Hi Nicole,

    I am so inspired that you are on track for your exercise goal. Great job!

  2. Nicole says:

    Thanks Heather, despite not eating well, I have actually lost weight! Just a few lbs of Christmas food but I will take it!

  3. Lynnelle says:

    You go girl! I’ll be working along with you!

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